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Having discovered broken links to some of my past work , I’m establishing my own repository. You, clever visitor, have arrived ahead of the decorations and furnishings. Welcome nonetheless.

I’m an Eastern Iowa writer, blessed to work as a columnist for The Gazette. This is my work archive, portfolio and sketch pad.

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Does Cedar Rapids need to address panhandling?
Does Cedar Rapids need to address panhandling?
July 17, 2017
With an eye toward the city of Cedar Rapids’ latest ordinance intended to curtail roadside panhandling, I took to social media and the streets Thursday with my writing hand extended. “Doe
Bucking against serenity
Bucking against serenity
July 16, 2017
My Mom displayed a copy of the Serenity Prayer prominently in our home. A Reader’s Digest Condensed Book turned religious knickknack, the volume had been glued open, sprayed gold and hodged-
Act now for net neutrality
Act now for net neutrality
July 11, 2017
Following the major win for net neutrality in 2015, many may have thought it was a moot issue. It isn’t, and we all need to act this week to protect and preserve an open internet. The new
Ferret out root causes of opioid epidemic
Ferret out root causes of opioid epidemic
July 10, 2017
Locals gathered at diners and other venues, I thought, would be abuzz with news of a man who crashed into a parked semi-trailer only moments after injecting heroin. I was wrong. The crash...
Get more creative in protesting
Get more creative in protesting
July 9, 2017
If those opposing a certain political candidate or personality didn’t line up on sidewalks shaking signs and screaming chants, how could they still be seen and heard? Various forms of tha
Godfrey court decision good for Iowans
Godfrey court decision good for Iowans
July 6, 2017
Iowa Supreme Court Justices narrowly decided last week that citizens can sue government officials who violate their rights. The 68-page decision, which addresses a portion of an employmen

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