Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

Having discovered broken links to some of my past work , I’m establishing my own repository. You, clever visitor, have arrived ahead of the decorations and furnishings. Welcome nonetheless.

I’m an Eastern Iowa writer, blessed to work as a columnist for The Gazette. This is my work archive, portfolio and sketch pad.

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Transparency’s best hope: Regents lawsuit
Transparency’s best hope: Regents lawsuit
October 2, 2017
Iowans are one step closer to learning how far former Board of Regent President Bruce Rastetter diverged from the University of Iowa president search process he put in place, and whether he ...
Bad teen behavior is a mirror reflecting
Bad teen behavior is a mirror reflecting
September 25, 2017
Can you believe it? This and similar sentiments arrive by inbox and social media feed each time teens are caught behaving badly. And, for the record, yes, I totally believe it. The most r...
Concert Across America remembers victims of gun violence
Concert Across America remembers victims of gun violence
September 24, 2017
A national coalition of gun violence prevention artists, activists and organizations are coming together for a second annual Concert Across America. Iowa voices will rise up as part of organ
When local government goes viral
When local government goes viral
September 18, 2017
Johnson County officials address zoning requests throughout the year, without much fanfare. Thursday night was different. Grant Schultz, who works a 143-acre plot of land on Strawbridge R...
Suggestions go beyond Appalachia
Suggestions go beyond Appalachia
September 17, 2017
Economic recommendations for Appalachia unveiled by a nonprofit and four U.S. senators this week could benefit the whole of rural America, if they garner a champion. The Appalachian regio...
Lessons from the dinner line
Lessons from the dinner line
September 14, 2017
Sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be. I was standing in line at a restaurant this week. In front of me was a man in an automated wheelchair, a urine collection bag...

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