Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

Having discovered broken links to some of my past work , I’m establishing my own repository. You, clever visitor, have arrived ahead of the decorations and furnishings. Welcome nonetheless.

I’m an Eastern Iowa writer, blessed to work as a columnist for The Gazette. This is my work archive, portfolio and sketch pad.

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Iowa Republicans blinded by abortion
Iowa Republicans blinded by abortion
January 15, 2018
However shortsighted, expensive and harmful the resulting policies may be, Iowa Republicans remain obsessed with abortion. Last legislative session, they chose to scrap the Iowa Family Pl...
Sexual harassment report urges action
Sexual harassment report urges action
January 14, 2018
Nearly five years after complaint 'there is nothing that has changed' On Friday, the Iowa Republicans shared a four-page report by Mary Kramer, which included specific recommendations “for
Reynolds’ address offered renewed optimism
Reynolds’ address offered renewed optimism
January 14, 2018
This week was for the doubters and the naysayers. This week was for those who continue to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that it makes no difference when women lead. Wi...
Education is aim of ‘Know Your Neighbor’ religion series
Education is aim of ‘Know Your Neighbor’ religion series
January 11, 2018
Can three community discussions on religion improve life in Cedar Rapids? Organizers hope so. “Hans Kung has a great quote about there being no peace without the great religions coming to
Triage for mental illness makes sense
Triage for mental illness makes sense
January 8, 2018
Iowans need jail alternatives County law enforcement officials are asking Iowa lawmakers to create regional triage centers for Iowans experiencing mental health episodes or an addiction cri...
Use #IamMedicaidIowa to share experiences
Use #IamMedicaidIowa to share experiences
January 7, 2018
When Iowa lawmakers consider what should be done to improve Iowa Medicaid, Disability Rights Iowa hopes people will be their primary focus. To that end, the organization is encouraging Io...

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